Alluminium door and window frames

Even windows integrate perfectly with the dwelling in which are placed, enhancing it. Each solution, from building in the historical centre to modern residence, find in the design of door and window frames, the best aesthetic solutions and the highest technological content. Greatest sound proofing, protection from breaking and entering and a perfect weathering-proof.

PVC door and window frames

PVC is one of the most versatile thermoplastic resins in the world and derives from two natural materials: oil and salt. It has a range of uses considerably wider than any other plastic material. It's cheap, versatile, lasting, resistant, high comfort, fireproof, fully recyclable and hygienic. Its versatility is documented by different forms, rounded and shaped, which allow a harmonious integration with both modern furnishings and with ancient environments. Among the reasons why choose this material we cannot forget the soft-line aesthetics  with rounded angles and corners, thermal insulation, wind-proof and rain-proof, the high sound-proof capable of overcome the noise of most chaotic city centres, resistance to atmospheric agents such as acid rain, smog, saltiness, sunlight and finally the lack of maintenance.